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       Our company relies on the manufacture paper product machinery's rich experience and the exquisite technology,develops successfully the domestic origination(plate type)the double ash corrugated cardboard,the cardboard dual purpose reel compound production line(proprietary product).
       Paper production line in order to bearing frame, the bridge conveyor,corrugating machine,automatic edge machines, glue machines,compactors,(flat type)drying department,cooling department,sub-traction machine paper,the computer cross-cutting machine,stacking machine etc.,with advanced production technology,operation and maintenance convenient,safe and reliable,energy saving, no pollution and so on.
       生产线采用卷筒纸复合,幅宽有1300mm、1800mm等规格供您选择,可将三、四张原纸进行复合,定量2000g/m2 , 厚度3.0mm, 产量40T—80T/d , 双灰瓦楞纸板具有普通瓦楞纸板的缓冲特性,同时又具有硬纸板的强度,是一种既有强度又有缓冲的新型纸板。该纸板可替代部分硬纸板,降低纸板成本,拓宽纸板用途,适应性更大,具有竞争优势,是新一代多用途硬纸板。
       Production line using reel-paper composite,width are 1300mm,1800mm and other specifications for your choice,can be three or four base paper for complex,quantitative 2000g/m2 ,thickness of 3.0mm,yield 40T-80T/d,has pairs of gray corrugated board ordinary corrugated board cushioning properties,but also has the strength of cardboard,is both a strength of the buffer have a new cardboard.The new cardboard can replace part of the ordinary cardboard,new cardboard to reduce costs,expand cardboard-use,adaptability,has greater competitive advantage,is a new generation of multi-purpose cardboard.
       The line has a variety of functions,can saving the cost of investment in equipment,can freely mix of paper in order to meet customer needs,can be produced ordinary corrugated cardboard,pairs of gray corrugated board as well as extra-thick cardboard.
       The line to produce the cardboard thickness,tightness,moisture,smoothness,stiffness,tensile strength up to meet the national standards,the product applies to tobacco boxes,wine boxes,boxes bag,food box,hardcover book cover, high-grade gift boxes,stationery,etc.
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